A Search For Hope

10 - Chapter 1 - Page 1

Date Posted: March 1st, 2019, 5:40 pm
I've never drawn a totodile before :3
Chapter 1 - Page 4: colored
Chapter 1 - Page 5: colored
Chapter 1 - Page 6: colored
Chapter 1 - Page 7: lined
Chapter 1 - Page 8: lined

Author Notes

The wait is over After I've got some really good progress on the next few pages, I think I can upload the first one now without regrets.
Sorry again for the _little_ delay, should be over now.
Hope you enjoy this page!


holy smeejeebusgooberflabbingfloodlenoodle that is some good drawing
Thanks :3 I hope the next pages will be even better
Bloody hell. That must take serious patience to draw something that detailed
Let's just say it took a while^^